Windows PC 用のイベントリユーティリティソフト

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    当アプリの開発元「Parmavex Services」は、イ…

    Windows 10

    当アプリの開発元「Parmavex Services」は、イギリス(バーミンガム)に設立された家族経営による小さな会社( )で、顧客層も限られているためかプロモーションに乏しく、当アプリの「更新」状況が判別しない(コメント欄に、Version 3.2.1 以降を記載しておきます)が、現在でも「開発サポート」は継続されています。

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    Version 3.4
    Rollup all updates since last release.

    Version 3.3.5
    Bug Fix: Incorrect access when reading WinAuditGuid.txt file (Peter B.).
    Change: Identify computers with FQDN, SMBIOS UUID and Asset Tag if no WinAuditGuid.

    Version 3.3.4
    Bug Fix: XP service pack missing in some circumstances (thanks Yves M.).
    Added: Windows 10 OS Build.
    Change: Html output has resizable panels, requires a javascript/css compliant browser.

    Version 3.3.3
    Added: Windows 10 version.
    Change: Show software updates when Windows Update is disabled (thanks Yves M.).

    Version 3.3.2
    Bug Fix: Hard drive serial number may be reported byte reversed (thanks Somnuk).

    Version 3.3.1
    Bug Fix: Missing open network IPv4 ports when access is denied to one or more of the owning processes if IPv6 port(s) are present (thanks Andreas D.).

    Version 3.2.8 - 3.3.0
    Adjust SQL statements on Chinese locale due to a case sensitive column name (thanks Otaku C.).

    Version 3.2.7
    Removed edition part of operating system name prior to Windows 10 (thanks Arron J. & Denis S.).

    Version 3.2.6
    Error logs not reported when OS denies access to the Security Event Log (thanks Ilya).

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    Version 3.2.5
    Fix: Remove duplicate software updates (thanks Mike J.).

    Version 3.2.4
    Fix: Missing software updates when the operating system's Data Store is purged (thanks Mike J.).

    Version 3.2.3
    Fix: Polish language typographical error (thanks Robert).

    Version 3.2.2
    Fix: Polish language typographical error (thanks Robert).
    Change: Increase limit of maximum records that can be sent to a database to 99999.
    Fix: Missing /L switch in help dialog box text ( thanks Joao C.).
    Fix: Documentation typographical error in command line examples (thanks Joao C.).

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